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Awang Putut salah seorang pengguna Facebook telah berkongsikan kepada kita semua bagaimana cara beliau berhenti merokok

Melalui nasihat beliau, perokok mestilah mempunyai azam yang kuat untuk berhenti merokok dan ingatlah insan yang tersayang disekeliling kita.

Terima kasih and kredit untuk Awang Putut kerana berkongsikan bagaiman beliau berhenti merokok dan vape.

cara henti rokok, cara henti vape, cara berhenti merokok, cara berhenti rokok, cara berhenti vape

Cara Berhenti Merokok by Awang Putut

I had been smoking since 14 (sorry mom and dad) and become a heavy smoker since 17 at matrix college. In 2012 I tried to quit smoking and luckily one good friend introduced me to vape. It certainly reduce the addiction to conventional cigarette and I felt a little better. Back then I was a futsal freak and I gotta admit switching cigarette to vape has improved my stamina in the court.

Since then, everyday I try to quit vaping and even a few family members around me also had quit and I asked myself, if they can do it, why not me? But it’s really hard.

Ask any smoker. Ask any vaper. How easy it is to quit smoking/vaping? Only until my dad has been diagnosed with heart problem, then he quit smoking, for a while. Then I asked myself again, do I exposed to heart problem too? So I tried harder and harder.

Until one evening when I have my casual evening run, my chest hurt and I felt hard to breath even on an easy run. That’s when I swear to myself, I must quit vaping. And eventually I quit vaping, only after two days. At 6.30pm, 2nd of September 2016, I had my last looooooonnnngggg puff of Jade Tiger 12mg and paid my tribute to my vape device, 24k Gold Plated Caravela and Steam Turbine Limited Thanksgiving Edition (ok tipu ja, vivinova ja ba)

Now it has been six months since I quit vaping and smoking. And I hope it stays that way. I don’t hate smoking, instead I am grateful to smoked back then because now I know the huge difference when you smoke and when you don’t and honestly, I will never turn back to that path again.

I understand the struggle of a smoker who wish to quit. Especially hardcore smoker who has been smoking for more than 10 years. I don’t say it is easy to quit. It was never easy. If it was easy, then everybody would be doing it right? (My favourite quote hehe). So.. I wish all the best to all smokers/vapers who want to quit. There are no steps, there are no tips, it is all up to us. You just gotta find the right motivation and you are good to go.

Lastly, I hope that my father, Ag Ku Osman and brothers Ag Ku Mohd Nizam & Nasyar Hetfield and all my cousins will quit smoking/vaping sooner rather than later. Because I know deep down in their heart, they really want to quit. Love your wife, love your child, love your family. And cat. – Awang Putut, 3rd March 2017

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